Friday, September 3, 2010

Hurricane Earl.

Yesterday afternoon, we tried to clean up the deck as best we could in preparation for Earl's arrival. My living room now has all my plants in it.
Junior knows this is not right.
This is where my plants were. I'll let Earl wash that away.
I left my jade plant and my aloe on the south side. Don't think they'll be going anywhere.
The grill and the chair are tied to the railing. I've seen gusts of wind just blow that grill right across the deck.
My moonflower and hyacinth bean vine are staying.
Here's the calm before the storm.
Now for the morning after:
I hope I don't lose my bay tree. I was able to walk out on the deck and pick bay leaves. Can't do that now, since it's leaning so much.
The pool is a mess. Never put a pool around willow trees.
Poor amaranthus, aka love lies bleeding.
Lot of mess in the yard.
Couple inches of standing water in the driveway.
Downed amaranthus which just started blooming.
That's my leaning bay tree. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this.
A few branches in the yard.
Junior's having great fun in the puddles.
Still blowing. It's low tide now. High tide in about 5 hours. Hopefully I won't have to go down to utility room and garage to move stuff to higher ground. That would be a ginormous pain in the ass.


Marilyn said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for your lovely bay tree. And for you, of course!

Anonymous said...

Every time I watch the news (here in Calif) I think of you and your family. Stay safe.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Thanks all.

Rose II said...

Hope you are doing okay!

Woodduck said...

We got lucky this time. Glad y'all are ok. I brought all my plants in too. Found out later there were some crickets in the plants; and my dog(I have a Dixie too) and I enjoyed crickets chirping in the house all night. Had a lot of Live Oak leaves and just some dead limbs all over. Nothing living was broken.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

I found a katydid on my wall.
My bay tree is listing. Had to cut a lot of branches today. Rootball is pulling out.

Willows, pines, everywhere.