Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hurricane Earl. Some Befores And Mostly Afters.

Before Earl:
My lovely amaranthus.
After Earl:
My poor amaranthus. AKA love lies bleeding. Kinda living up to its name.
Poor amaranthus in the front yard.
Bay tree before Earl:
Bay tree after Earl:
Before bay tree: After bay tree: Check out the root ball.
Pool before Earl:
Pool after Earl:
Backyard before Earl: Backyard after Earl: Broken pine branches hanging in backyard.
Wind and rain. Water will always find a new place to come in.
My pruned bay.
We had to take the weight off the leaning side.
This was hard to watch:
This pile is from my just getting started on clean up.
Would anyone like some bay leaves?
Robin's nest made it through unscathed.
My pile of bay branches. All in all, not too much damage. Could have been a lot worse. Once again, we've dodged a bullet. Nay, a torpedo.


Marilyn said...

Bad, bad Earl.

Kathy said...

My before & after pictures look pretty much just the same.

SweetPhyl said...

Oh, bother. Hurricanes are such a P.I.A., no?