Friday, October 29, 2010

Steve Da Dream. RIP.

Xmaskatie emailed me a few days ago about someone I knew of, but didn't know. His name was Steve Thomas. She sent me his obituary. Here's more, here. I actually blogged about Steve Da Dream back on June 30, 2009, when I encountered him at a local breakfast favorite, Grits Grill. Check out the comb action on the GritsGrill link. I had no idea Steve was Pamlico Jack's pirate. And I had no inkling that Steve had a modeling career, with the Wilhelmena Agency. See here. Such beauty. Steve was ripped. Today, the Outer Banks Voice, had a lovely, poignant article about Steve Thomas. Please click on the above link and read it. A "paddle out" was held for Steve. It's a thing surfers do for their own. And it's a beautiful thing. One could cry about this, but the beauty in all of the ceremony supercedes any of our self-centered feelings. If you noticed in the video, there was no sadness. Only happiness. I didn't personally know Mr. Steve Thomas, but now, I wish I had. And I wish I could have been on that beach today to say goodbye to a man I never knew. Godspeed, Steve.

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Beautifully written