Sunday, October 25, 2015

Welcome To Rosie's October Garden.

 Please join Rosie in her October Garden.

  Here's my little stinkhorn mushroom.
I always smell these before I find them.


 Pink and purple globe amaranth AKA gomphrena 
with Tiffany rose.
 White allysum in the background.

 Pink wood sorrel/oxalis.

 I tripped in this spot last spring
 and dumped a whole packet of coleus seeds out.

ETA:  Let me clarify that.
When I say, "I tripped,"
I meant my foot hit something
 and I tripped on it and fell.
And I spilled the seeds
Nothing hallucinogenic was involved.

I feel so much better.

 Gaillardia or blanket flower.

 My roses have lovely blooms now.

 Datura or Jimson weed.
Datura is a member of the Potato (Solanaceae) Family, 
also called the Deadly Nightshade Family,
and poisonous if ingested.

Please check back for more of the pretty!

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