Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Suppah At The Saltbox.

I had to write something about our wonderful meal at The Saltbox Café tonight.

Complete description to come later.

My regular reader(s) know(s) the Hawthornes have been wining and dining around the world at The Saltbox Café's Vines Around The World Dinner Series.

For a recap:
October 2014, we visited Spain.
November 2014, we visited Argentina.
December 2014, we visited Paris.
February 2015, we visited Chocolate. (Why yes, Chocolate is a country.)
March 2015, we visited Italy.
October 2015, we visited Germany.
December 2015, we visited Japan.
Also in December 2015, we enjoyed a Réveillon Feast.
And again in December 2015, we feasted in France.

On January 12, it was our pleasure to have New Zealand and Australia come to us.
Our first course was Kangaroo Slider.  The intrepid team of Sprinkle and Dinkle bagged little Joey in the wilds of Colington earlier this morning and now I have this damn ear worm that's gonna bug me all day long. Along with this one in the other ear.  Now be sure to click on those two links so you'll know how hard it is for me.  Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport and My Boomerang Won't Come Back.  All.Day.Long.  And then that reminded me of the Star Trek episode in which Khan put the larva in Chekhov's ear so you can just imagine the sheer hell I'm in right now.  Thank you, Chef Randolph.

Upon receiving wine, I requested to sniff the cork, then, when the sommelier looked away, I discretely palmed the cork, deftly slipping it into my pocket, saving it for yet another Pinterest project I'm not working on.

I love you guys.

Will post tomorrow.  Or later...

Working on my wine notes now. ;-)  And you know what that means...

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