Sunday, September 4, 2016

Charter Sucks.

Yes.  I expected outages during this storm.

But when the cable came back on I only get a few channels, none of them anything I ever watch.  Every channel I want to watch has a box with this:

This channel should be available shortly.

Mr. Hawthorne called Charter last night.  Had to get a flashlight and magnifying glass to find the serial number.  Everything was reset.  Nada.
Today, it's the same.  Mr. H. called back and had to find the damn serial number again and go through the entire spiel.  Don't they keep records?

Oh...  And the service call is scheduled for SEPTEMBER 11.


Oh... Charter.  When "Charter Sucks" comes up again in your Google alerts, please shoot me an e-mail at  We'll talk.

Edited to add:  The next day at approximately 1:30, I lost the entire internet, phone, and cable.
Approximately 5 hours.  And it still ain't right.  Waiting on that September 11 tech call. 

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