Monday, January 9, 2017

Blizzilla. January 2017.

The mention of snow on the Outer Banks causes widespread panic.
One-half inch of snow brings the Outer Banks to its knees.
The shelves at Food Lion will be wiped bare.
No bread.  No milk.  No toilet paper.
And mind you -
 no snow down here ever lasts for more than a day.
In deference to our snow,
I'm paying homage to our necessities.
(And it's not that I don't happen to have these items
on hand ALL THE TIME.)

I have plenty of toilet paper.
I have homemade bread.
Screw the milk.  I'm lacto-intolerant,
so I have water and wine.

Oh goodness.
It hasn't even started snowing yet...
What now?

Make more bread.
And I have paper towels!

Oh my...

The first flurries are starting.

Irene likes all types of weather.
Remember, she came to live with me during a hurricane
by the same name.


Thankfully, the mail is still running
and I got my new Hammacher Schlemmer catalog
with a $7000 perpetual motion clock on the front cover.
So I made my first meme.

That's what Outer Bankers do when it snows.
One flake or two.  Makes no difference.
We're all a bit CRA-CRA!

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