Saturday, September 2, 2017

Rosie Makes Chile Rellenos.

Mexican food on the Outer Banks is like Chinese Food.
If you want it, you need to make it yourself.
I wanted chile rellenos, so I made 'em.

Now, I'm not giving you a recipe here.
I'm giving you a process, which is a much better thing.

 I'm starting out with a homemade sauce.
I picked tomatoes and bell and jalapeno peppers from the garden. I sliced them along with some onions and threw in a few garlic cloves.  Drizzled with olive oil then baked it all in a 450° for an hour or so, turning halfway through.
  Like this.

 Put everything into a processor ...

... then squeeze the garlic pulp out of the skin into the mix.

 Process away.
Until chunky-smooth.

 Next, I heated a little oil in my skillet, added the sauce, and basically intensified the flavors.
Kosher salt to taste.

 Now, on to the peppers.
 I set my poblanos over an open flame.
 And charred them all over.

 Plunge the charred poblanos into ice water,
 then you can simply wipe the char off with your fingers.

 You can use a paper towel to help wipe the peppers.
 You don't have to be fanatic about the char.
You can leave some on for extra flavor.
And if anybody complains about the black,
maybe just not invite them back.

 Make a slit for stuffing down the side of the pepper 
and use a paper towel to absorb any excess water.
Let the peppers dry.

 Next, I started on some of the filling.
I chopped a medium onion and sliced the kernels off an ear of corn.

 Saut√© the corn and onion in a little oil and butter with a pinch of sugar and kosher salt.
 Push it around a bit and let it slightly caramelize.
 Plop in some cooked rice!
I'm always trying to use up whatever's in my fridge.
Remember, I don't have "leftovers."

 Cornriceonion ready.

Now, let's stuff some poblanos.
 Add in the corn, rice, and onion mixture.
 Then I put in some little dices of Monterey Jack cheese.
   Do not overfill your peppers.

 Now, what could this filling be?
I'm always trying to use up what I have, whether it be in the fridge or freezer, and this particular meat is from the freezer.  Some time ago, I'd made carnitas (Literally, "little meats.").  Another wonderful process you should try.  The results were most excellent.  
This is the meat from a Boston butt and here's the recipe:

 Isn't this beautiful?
It's fall-apart tender and delicious.
Be sure you check out that link on carnitas.
This is really wonderful stuff.
Here's another link to check out:

OK, back to the rellenos.

 They're stuffed and sealed.
Stuffed with corn, onion, rice, carnitas, cheese.

 Blot the little buggers dry and roll in flour.
 I brushed off excess flour.

 Now for the batter.
 I whupped up three egg whites until medium peaks.
Beat the yolks and added to the whites.

 Whup it!
Whup it good!

 Coat the stuffed poblanos.
Drain off any excess.

 And fry, baby!
350° - 375° for 4-5 minutes.

 I fried one at a time, so as not to crowd the pot.
And that's peanut oil.
Fry, turning, until everything is lightly browned.
Drain on paper towels.

 Serve chile relleno on a bed of intense sauce.

 Oh my!
 Oh goodness!!

Oh my goodness!
I loved this.  
So many flavors!

Make this.
You'll be happy.

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