Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Rosie Stir Fries. Cashew Chicken.

Rosie found a chicken bosom in the fridge
and she's stir frying today.
I skinned and boned the breast,
then cut it into small pieces.

 First a marinade:
2 1-inch cubes of ginger, juiced
1 TB soy sauce
1 TB rice vinegar
1/2 tsp sesame oil
1 tsp mirin

I always keep my ginger frozen in 1-inch cubes.
To juice ginger,
(It must be frozen.)
first peel it,
then nuke the pieces for about 25 seconds.
Squeeze the juice out.
  Combine rest of ingredients.
Mince the ginger pieces and reserve.

 Toss by hand to coat.
Let marinate while you cook some Jasmine rice.

 Prepare the rest of your ingredients.
I have:
carrot, cut into cute crinkles
celery, chopped
green pepper, chopped
onion, chopped
broccoli, cut into florets

Notice my vegetable pieces are all relatively the same size.
You want uniform pieces, so they'll cook evenly.

For the thickener:
2 TB cornstarch
1 TB soy
1 TB Sriracha
2 TB sweetened chili sauce
Mix above items.
1/2 cup water, reserved

 When wokking,
it is essential to have everything prepped and at hand.

 You're cooking hot and fast
and there's no time to find an ingredient.

  Heat the wok over a high flame,
add in 2-3 tablespoons of peanut oil.
When the oil is hot,
add in about 5 slivers of garlic,
then toss in the carrots.

Start Time:  2:46
 Add in the broccoli.
Time:  2:46

 And the celery.
Time:  2:46

Stir fry 2 minutes.

 Add in onions and pepper.
Time:  2:48
Cook 1 minute.

Turn out into a bowl and cover.
Time:  2:49

 Add 2 TB peanut oil to wok.
Heat oil and add about 5 slivers of garlic.
Time:  2:51

 Add in the chicken.
Time:  2:51

 Stir fry one minute.
Time:  2:52

 Pour in marinade.
Time:  2:52

 Add in cashews.
Time:  2:52

 Add in cornstarch slurry.
Time:  2:53

 Swirl cup with 1/2 cup water
to rinse out all of slurry.
Time:  2:53

 Add in rest of vegetables
and the reserved minced ginger.
Time:  2:53

Stir fry 1 minute.
Time:  2:54
 And serve.
This received thumbs-up
from both Mr. and Middle Hawthornes.

 And it ain't no China Mac!
I like the sear I get on the carrot ridges from the crinkle-cut.

Note from Rosie:
We had a little bit "left over."

I didn't make "moreovers!"

Mr. Hawthorne nuked the leftovers the next day.

I came in the kitchen and said,
"I smell Chinese!"

And it was MY Chinese!!

That's how good this was.


Anonymous said...

That looks fabulous, Rosie. I think that's what's for dinner tomorrow night. Love your stir fry recipes.

EAM said...

EAM writes - Hmm, Rosie you do know Chinese News Years comes up this weekend, right?

E said...

Just in time for Chinese New Years!!

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Thanks, NMOAC. Bon appetit!

EAM and E - It's on my calendar - Sunday, Feb 10. How will you be celebrating?

Rosie Hawthorne said...

And by the way, folks, I'm making Szechwan duck right now.