Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Rosie And Middle Hawthorne Enjoy Pho Bo.

Last month, Rosie did a little research on
the ubiquitous Vietnamese soup, pho.

For the how-to's on making this delicious broth,
please refer to my blog post,

I ended up with 6 quarts of indescribable flavors
and quite possibly the best broth I've tasted.

I pulled out a frozen quart today 
for Middle Hawthorne and me.

 I found another porterhouse hiding in the big freezer.

Trim off the fat.

Slice into strips.

Save the bones for the bone bag.

Make a marinade:
2 TB cornstarch
1 TB Tamari sauce
1 TB rice wine
Mix well.

Add in the strips, tossing by hand to coat.
Let marinate at least 20 minutes.

The only things left to do are:

1. Prepare the vegetables for the pho.
2. Heat up the broth to a bare simmer.
3. Sear the meat.
4.  Ladle the broth into bowls.
5.  Let your guests pick and choose the accompaniments.                       

My accoutrements:
Chopped bok choy and cilantro.

Sliced mushrooms and jalapenos.

Chopped scallion and red onion.
Minced dried hot pepper.
Matchstick radishes.

Don't forget thinly sliced lime.

Heat a tablespoon each oil and butter in your skillet
over high heat.
I like to use peanut oil,
since it has a higher smoke point.
When the oil is hot,
add in the meat.

If you notice the blue flame in the top left,
that's heating up the broth.
Bring it to a simmer.
No more.

I sprinkled about two teaspoons sugar 
lightly over the meat.
Helps to caramelize it.

Smelling and looking good.

Add in the sliced mushrooms.
Cook a minute more and cut off heat.

I added the bok choy to the simmering broth.
Let it heat through for a minute,
then ladle pho into bowls.

I loaded everything into my bowl.

You have no idea how wonderful this is.

There are so many flavors
in every spoonful.
And there's a depth to the broth.
It's broth with character.

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