Sunday, September 8, 2013

Rosie's Garden And Some Big Dog Beau Shots.

 I like to do container gardening on my deck. 
If I can just walk outside
without having to go down steps,
I'll utilize these items more.
Yes, I'm lazy that way.

 Scallions and feldsalat and some other greens.

 Dill and one basil that all self-seeded in this planter.

 Mesclun mix.

 Water hyacinth.
 I like this area.
It's green and lush and textural.
Fifty Shades Of Green.

 Hello Bumble Bee.
Welcome to my cornflower.
Come back and visit.

Did you recognize?
 Echinacea haiku.
Poetry in yard.
Pollinate, my friend.
Many thanks for your hard work.
Purple and orange.

Fly 'way little bee.
Hope you enjoyed your visit.
Thank you for coming.

Late season glad.

 Penstemon or obedience plant.
It's called obedience plant
 because you can adjust the little flowers on the stalk
and they stay put.
Don't know why one would want to do that  ...

 Looks like crocus.

 We've never noticed Beau jump up on the bench.
But hey, there's a towel.
Apparently, all towels are his.
 I think that's a cormorant on the piling in the background.

He's a handsome boy indeedy!
That's a ginger plant in the foreground.
I bought a ginger root at Food Lion
and planted it.
And yes, the foliage smells gingery.


zzzadig said...

Butterfly stopping
Nervous semaphore flashing
Returning to sky

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Water hyacinths.
Blooming in whiskey barrel.
My garden delights.