Saturday, September 7, 2013

Welcome To Rosie's Garden.

Please enjoy my garden.
I fertilized my roses a few weeks ago
and now I'm rewarded with my end-of-summer blooms.

Heavy rains the other night knocked down my celosia.

I love the blooms.
And the color.
These are all volunteers from last year's crop.
See the tiny black seeds?

I stuck my hand in there
so you can see the size of the bloom.

Lord Baltimore hibiscus.

I don't know what this little pretty is.
Can anyone tell me?
Love the color.

Penstemon or obedience plant.

White clitoria.
Blue clitoria.
Butterfly pea for the squeamish.

More convolvulus.

 I found this little clematis on a vacant lot in the neighborhood.
Brought him home with me so he could be with friends.

Some type of late summer/early fall blooming crocus.
I think.

 Late blooming for glads.

 Anybody want any lantana?
I have babies everywhere.

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