Sunday, September 21, 2014

My Night-Blooming Cereus Bloomed Last Night!

I've been keeping my eye on my cereus plant.
It's had two large buds on it for quite some time
and I'm waiting for them to bloom.
 This is what the buds looked like on September 19.

 These are the buds September 20.

 And there are three more buds.

 Saturday morning.  11:18

 Saturday evening.  8:11 PM.

 I carefully carried my cereus plant inside.
8:25 PM
 Enjoy the show.

 8:40 PM

 9:01 PM

 9:09 PM

 9:18 PM

 9:22 PM

 9:29 PM

9:47 PM

 9:51 PM
 10:18 PM

 10:19 PM

 10:19 PM

 10:20 PM

 10:29 PM

 10:30 PM

 10:32 PM

 10:40 PM

 10:41 PM

 10:42 PM
 Quite a fragrant bloom.

 11:03 PM

11:03 PM

 This morning.
After all that beauty, they're exhausted.


Marilyn said...


Catherine said...

How very beautiful and mystical. Catherine

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Twas quite a nice show last night. And I'm looking forward to the next three blooms.

The first bloom, a few weeks ago, was pressure-sprayed off by the guys working on the house.

Lori K said...

what is the scent??

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Very fragrant, Lori.