Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Joy Shuck Club.

 The Hawthornes want more oysters.

In our last few batches,
I used different spinach combinations.
I'm switching gears today.
 Today, I'm making Rosie's Fiesta Oysters.

 Quick Salsa
Scallions and cilantro from the garden,
(Yes, I'm still growing scallions and cilantro.)
chopped tomatoes, a little rice vinegar, pinch of sugar,
kosher salt and freshly ground pepper.
Spoon the salsa over top.
All to taste.

 Then I spooned a little queso sauce over top
and crumbled Tostitoes over everything.

Queso Sauce
Diced queso cheese, with a little milk or cream,
 nuked and stirred until smooth.
Some red pepper.
Spoon over salsa on oysters.
Add some crumbled last-of-the-bag tortilla chips on top.

Quick trip under the broiler.
Slightly brown the queso.

And enjoy!

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