Sunday, September 6, 2015

Welcome To Rosie's Garden.

Sweet Autumn Clematis,
climbing up my mimosa.
Smells divine.

These are Chlorophyllum molydites
AKA The Vomiter


Think I'll put a solar light inside.
Like a big light bulb.

Lacewing begonia.

Mushroom spore prints.

I love my little hummers.

 Junior wants in!

 Dogwood likes to visit Nana.
He gets the nip!

 Double delight rose.

 Physostegia AKA obedient plant.
 There's that bee again.
I am due honey.

 More sweet autumn clematis.
 Peruvian daffodil.

 Garlic chives.

 I have a neighbor across the canal who has beehives.
About 2 miles by car,
about 50 yards as the bee flies. 
Pretty sure this is one of his bees.
I believe he owes me some honey!

 Clitoria, or for the squeamish, butterfly pea.


 I tripped and dropped a packet of coleus seeds here.
I likee.

 Queen Elizabeth.

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