Monday, June 13, 2016

Welcome To Rosie's June Garden.

I'm sorry I haven't been able to post lately.
Not to worry.  I have been cooking.

But the yard has been taking up all my time.
After Junior and I went for our daily stroll yesterday morning 
around 8:00, temperatures already in 90s,
I worked over 3 hours pulling,
dumping, stashing.
I've already filled up 9 garbage cans to overfilling
 and I've filled one large trailer 
with spent larkspur, bachelor buttons, and cilantro.
And I'm not even close to getting done.
Waiting on garbage man now to come empty
those last three cans in the cul-de-sac.
Usually on Mondays he's here by 7:00.

Gotta rake up the beds with all the holes
from where I pulled up the roots,
clean up the debris,
re-prune the roses and fertilize
and then in 4 weeks it will be beautiful again.

I'm taking a break today,
staying in, and catching up on columns
for the publications I write for,
and just trying to chill.
I deserve it.

And I'm on my third cup o' Joe.
I'm good to go.

Welcome to Rosie's Garden.
This is one of my favorite rose.  
The bush is huge and produces these lovely large clusters.

Too bad I don't have Smellavision.

This little pretty is surrounded by blooming cilantro.



How perfect is this?

Just to let you know,

Pretty red poppy with larkspur.
Note to self:  Self, go collect the poppy seed pods
for your Red, White, and Blue Garden.


This is the absolute latest I've ever planted.
'maters and peppers, basil.
The other day during a lovely drizzle,
I went out and stuck moonflower seeds
all over the right-hand side.
They germinated within days and I will transplant them
to my trellises and where ever they can climb up.

Need to clean up this area next.

 My nursery on the deck.

 Youngest Hawthorne has gotten serious about his watermelon patch.
This is just the beginning.

My herbs need to be cut back and dried out.

And then there's always the beautiful sunset.

 Lace cap hydrangea.

Love my hydrangeas.

Lace cap.

 Some kinds of sedums blooming.



 Waste not.  Want not.
I use the water from the AC.

Pretty Tiffany rose with Tropicana in background.

From top to bottom:
Tropicanna lily.
Creeping Jenny.
Jewels of Opar (Talinum paniculatum.)


 Got to bring the pretty inside.

Black and blue salvia.
Spreads and transplants very well.

A BIG SHOUT OUT to whomever tried to back a trailer
in a huge cul-de-sac
and ran over my ice plant backing in and going out,
broke the ADT sign,
knocked over and bent the reflector,
and broke frigging rocks.
Thanks a lot.
And learn how to back up a damn trailer!

Scratch that itch!
Junior has a monkey face!

It is important that the tongue is held in the correct position.

Hawthorne Watering Hole.
Once again, if a fire breaks out, I'm totally effed.
My succulent group.

Volunteer foxgloves.
Now if "other" people could actually use the pavers,
we might have something real pretty here.

Yay!  After that wonderful rain the other night,
my moon flowers have germinated.

A mess o' colors!

Don't know what the flying sauce thingie is in the bottom.

Black and blue salvia.

Rose o' Sharon blooming.

Loving my lilies.

Passion flower.

All volunteers.



 Little hydrangea Dau Haw gave me for Mother's Day
last year.

Hope you enjoyed the visit through my garden.

Now stay tuned for FOOD!

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