Monday, October 10, 2016

Another Overview Of Matthew's Mess.

At least this really wasn't a hurricane.
That's the best thing I can say about Matthew.
We didn't have much damage,
but we did have damage we really shouldn't have had.

Check out the roof shingles.

   This was my Leyland cypress in my front yard.
With more shingles.
This is the south side of the house.
Shingles are from the north.

North side willow tree.
Branch down.

The newly-cut trunk is from the pine over to the right.
All my pines on the north side
 have been slowly dying over the years.
One by one.
Right down the line.
This was the last one.

Told my buddies to save a seat for me
when they cut it down.

Upside:  At least I have a MUCH BETTER VIEW
of the next door RENTAL HOUSE's DECK.
This way, it's much easier to see
when the renters start a grill ON THE DECK 
(And I am on the southwest side.)
and the sparks start wafting over to my CEDAR SHAKES
and I have to get out with my HOSE 
and SPRAY the SIDE of my HOUSE down
while someone else calls rental company and/or fire department.
Good times!

Anyhoos, here's the north side and broken willow branch
and my furbabies' resting places.

I was pulling the limbs off their places.

This is my Rosie.

This is my Dixie.
1998 - 2011

'Tis a mess.
But that is all and that is good.
Lost a lot of shingles that should not have blown off.
I just checked my Quicken account
and I found out that on June 30, 2016,
I paid a particular roofing company to repair these particular shingles.
And now we're down to the plywood under the shingles.
Mr. Hawthorne's on his way out to talk to them.

Water stains are bad on the ceiling in that room.

 This is my favorite - my old bay tree.
It's been blown away.
I can't reach the leaves from the deck anymore.

 The only thing supporting the bay right now
is the pine branch,
which, as you can see, 
has had the bark scraped off 
by the brushing of the bay tree during the wind.


 I'm ready for tea downstairs.
Just need to get rid of the branches first.

Got the moon flower trellises back up.

More mess.

 Now I need to rework this whole place.
Back to the drawing board this fall and winter.
It will be a therapeutic process for me.
God knows I need that.

 And these pine branches are right on top of
my volunteer greens - my kale, collards, and mustard greens.
That's OK.
They'll pop right back up once the branches are gone.
Thanks, Darwin!

Those are the broken roots of my bay tree.

My little path has meandered a bit.
I must comply with it.
Back to drawing board.

See that pineapple plant in front there?
See where the stalk is broken off?

Would you look at that.

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