Sunday, October 9, 2016

Just A Little Blow. Hurricane Matthew.

 During hurricanes, I don't venture out.
I don't go out like the lookey-loos.
I stay home and out of the way.
I have enough crap around the house to shoot pictures of.
 Didn't bother tying the plants up.
Will clean it up tomorrow.
They needed a little shaking up.
Good for the roots.

 Broken branch lying in the tree in the middle
from the top of the tree on the right.

 Leyland cypress in front split in half.
Buh bye.

 3-4 inches of water in driveway.

 Leyland cypress.

 Pine branches from somewhere.

 Lotsa bunches of shingles.

 Another broken pine branch.

 Broken willow branch.

 There's ALWAYS somebody who leaves their irrigation going.

 Poor YH's truck is in there somewhere.

 Casualty of the storm.

 Split cypress.
Need to start picking up shingles tomorrow.

 Willow branch broke.

 Backyard mess.

 More broken branches.

 Blew down my trellis with moonflowers
but I can righten it back up.
A couple of late-season watermelons.

 Here's when I started worrying a bit.
The water got almost to the top of the bulkhead.
I waited.
Started going back down.
I hate flooding.

 There's a truck back in there.

 Lots of roof shingles blown away.

 A few white caps in the canal.

 Water's been standing in driveway all day.

There's a truck.


 Blew my mailbox down.

  It was a mess.

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