Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Rosie's Garden.

 A girl can't spend all her time in the kitchen,
so welcome once again to Rosie's Garden.

 Red poppies.
Orange poppies.
Spires of larkspur.
Blue bachelor buttons in background
along with a pink foxglove.

 Larkspur and coreopsis.

The white is flowering cilantro.

 Statice with Giada in the background.
 Dill flower. 

 Oenothera or primrose.

 Orange poppy.

 Red carnation.
Smells like cloves.

 Sedum and cactus.

 This was on Memorial Day.

 There's a bumblebee scrambling inside.

I don't know what this is.
 I like the blue in the background.


 This is my favorite picture.
Red poppy
with pink ice plant (delosperma)
in the background.

 Acanthus or bear's breeches.


 Beau likes to pose for me.

 Under the willows.

 Beau mugs for the camera.

 Gaillardia or blanket flower.

 Acanthus and larkspur in the back.

 Pink iceplant.
Red poppies.
White and blue larkspur.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.
I'm going back to my kitchen now.

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