Friday, November 8, 2013

Thanks To A Reader, Rosie Discovers Oysters Kilpatrick.

 It's time again for some more oysters.
We have twenty oysters
which Mr. Hawthorne shucked.
 After I posted on FaceBook about a
certain oyster preparation I had prepared,
one of my FB friends, Kerry,
 asked me about Oysters Kilpatrick.
There's an oyster preparation  I don't know about?
Apparently so.
I decided to research    Google it.
And I found out it's a classic Australian dish
and my friend, Kerry, happens to live in Australia.
I checked out numerous recipes for Oysters Kilpatrick,
and they all involve a butter and Worcestershire sauce.
The oysters Kerry remembered
had ketchup in them, as did several of the recipes I read.
 I'm combining several recipes,
picking and choosing,
and I hope this is to your liking, Kerry.
We certainly liked it
and the Hawthornes thank you 
for introducing us to something new.
All the recipes involved bacon.
How bad can that be?

All the recipes call for chopped raw bacon meat,
fat removed,
to be put on the oysters,
then they go under the broiler.
I preferred  to cook the bacon first,
fat and all,
then crumble and top the oysters.
There's a reason for this:
The bacon I get is full of fat
and I'd have to go through
a bunch of bacon to get enough to put on the oysters.
Plus I was worried that the oysters would overcook
and the bacon still be undercooked,
and there's nothing worse than an overcooked oyster.

I topped each oyster with the crumbled bacon.
Then I poured a spoonful of the Basic Butter Sauce
over each oyster.

Basic Butter Sauce
4 TB unsalted butter
1 shallot, minced
2 TB chopped parsley
3 TB Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce
Melt butter in a small saucepan,
add shallot and parsley and sauté for a minute or two.
 Stir in Worcestershire sauce.

Pour Basic Butter Sauce over each oyster.

Next, I made the ketchup accoutrement:
3 TB Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce
1 TB ketchup

I topped half the oysters with the ketchup sauce.
Remember, they all have the butter sauce on them.

Our tray of oysters,
ready for the broiler.

With the ketchup sauce.

Without the ketchup.

 The two in the back have the ketchup sauce.
The two in the front, just the butter sauce
I am very happy to have a new oyster topping.

Have to be honest here.
I prefer the butter sauce over the tomato.
The tomato and Worcestershire combination
is barbecue-ish and overwhelms the delicate oyster.
It's good.
But I prefer more oyster flavor.

I'll be making this again,
 since I forgot about the recipes
 that called for Tabasco and chives.
Thank you, Kerry!

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