Friday, November 22, 2013

Welcome To Rosie's November Garden.

It's November and my garden is still very colorful.

 This is gaillardia or blanket flower,
a North Carolina wildflower.
With a bumblebee snacking.

 Love the colors!


I enhanced it a bit.


 I may prepare a little mushroom appetizer
tonight for Mr. Hawthorne.

 A couple of weeks ago,
my gardening friend, Titania, and I
got together for a project.
 Titania's going to show me how to make cement leaves.

 Notice who's doing all the work.
Well, I had to document everything.

 The cement is of the proper consistency.

 First, Titania put a layer of sand down
as a bed for the leaves.
 I went around the yard and picked some of my favorite leaves.
This is a fig leaf.
Press the leaf into the sand.

 Then, pat the cement evenly on the leaf.

Fatsia japonica leaf.

 Elephant ear.

 Acanthus aka bear's breeches leaf.

 Castor bean leaf.

 Elephant ear.

Leopard leaves and fatsia Japonica.

Acanthus leaf.

 Fig leaf.

 Leopard plant.

Castor bean leaf.

 I put my "stepping" stones in my herb garden
and nobody better step on a one of them.

 Besides herbs,
I have a row of carrots going around the perimeter
which you can't really see.

My fall vegetable garden:
turnip greens
ruby red chard
romaine lettuce
Swiss chard
along with leftover peppers and a few zinnias

 Would you look at this?
FoodLion sells TURNUP greens!
The sad part is that
 I'm probably the only person who noticed this.
The produce manager certainly didn't.


Marilyn said...


Maybe the next time they will Turndown?

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Harris Teeter has Nappa cabbage!