Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Rosie's April Garden!

 Welcome to Rosie's April Garden!

 The Hawthornes have had their fill of greens throughout winter.
I'm letting the collards and turnip greens,
planted on September 29, 2013,  go to seed.

That's a big pile of mulch behind the greens.
Rosie is happy.
Hopefully, it will last through the summer.

 Kale in the front.
I love kale chips.

This is my herb garden.
And I made the cement leaves
from plants I grow in the garden.


Too bad I don't have PhotoShop to take out the gas tank.

I need more anemones.

I happen to really like this shot, for some reason.

More jonquils.
You say daffodils.
I say jonquils.

My Irene.
Handsome Beau.

Stock, matthiola incana,is in the Brassica family
 which includes cabbage and kale.
Stock has a delightful aroma.

Lunaria/honesty plant/silver dollar plant.

I forget what this is.

I came across this little pretty the other day.
I think it's Convolvulus.

I weeded for 4-5 hours each on Friday and Saturday.
I was rewarded by all these wild onions.
And I have plenty more!

My asparagus is just coming up.

Ice plant.

Tulip languishing over oxalis.

Celadon poppy.


Pretty boy!

She's baaaaaaaaa-aaaaaack.
I haven't done a Giada post in quite some time now,
but when I saw her in the Greek Isles,
I thought a post was long overdue.

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