Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Welcome To Rosie's April Garden.

Please join Rosie for a walk through the garden.
Pretty in pink tulip.

Future slaw.

This is the start of a new garden area -
my Red, White, and Blue Bed.
Tulips blooming now
and I have other pretties coming up
and more to add throughout the season.

Red tulip and oxalis/shamrock.

Rosie takes a picture of her shadow.

My asparagus is starting to come in.
Urine for a treat!
First larkspur bloom.


A little bird has taken up residence
outside my window.

Love the tinge of color on this one.

Poppy after the rain.

I threw out a pack of wildflower seeds 
from The $tore last fall.
10 for $1.00.
So, if anyone can identify this for me, I'd appreciate it.

Here are those same tulips,
a few days later.

Love the fringe on this tulip.


Wild orchid.

Critters in my herb garden sunning on 
the concrete leaves stepping stones I made.
And if you step on my stepping stones,
I will hurt you.
Tropicanna lily.
Allysum in background.
That big white mound and the purple mound you can't see
made it through the winter.
The rest of the green are allysum volunteers.

My lime tree is blooming for the first time.

My shamrocks are shamRocking,
my leopard plants (ligularia) are roaring,
and my Creeping Jenny is creeping.

Hope you enjoyed the garden.

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