Saturday, May 14, 2016

More Of Rosie's May Garden.

 Welcome to Rosie's Garden.
California poppies, roses, little gaillardia at bottom right,
larkspur, and bachelor buttons.

 Purple, white, blue, and pink larkspur,
pink iceplant (delosperma), orange poppies.

 I love my red poppies.
 Red poppies with purple larskpur.

 Money plant/honesty plant, lunaria annua.

 Tiffany rose with white and purple allysum.

 Pink flowers on oxalis (shamrock).
Bright green on left is Creeping Jenny.
Bright green on right is Jewels of Opar
aka talinum paniculatum.
 More of the same.
With variegated tropicanna lily.

 Red poppy with purple and whitish-blue larkspur
with a baby sunflower in the back left.

Ice plant/delosperma.

I love my roses.

 Creeping Jenny is creeping away.

 My orchid is blooming 
for the third time since January.

 I haven't killed it yet!

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