Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Welcome To Rosie's May Garden.

 Daddy Osprey is sitting on the nest this morning.
Mama O is on a branch on the other side.
She didn't want to be photographed today.
She was having a bad feather day.

 From the deck.
Purple and white allysum.
Tiffany rose.
 Dark purple setcreasea.
Tropicanna lily at top.

 Tiffany rose.

 Blue phlox in foreground.
Two oxalis/shamrocks in the back.
 Queen Elizabeth.
 I love a Mr. Lincoln.


 More columbine.

Gaillardia/blanket flower.

 Love the colors here.

 This is in the Blue Area of my Red, White, And Blue Garden.
I forget what bulbs I planted.
Blue bachelor buttons in the back.

 Primrose/oenothera speciosa.

 Creeping Jenny in center.
Oxalis with pink flowers on either side.
Dark purple oxalis in back.

 Oxalis on left.
Blue phlox on right.
 Dainty little purple and white allysum.

Rosie has her work cut out for her.

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