Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Welcome To Rosie's Garden.

Junior was gracious enough to pose for me today.
He's looking quite distinguished.

Enjoy the Garden.


There's a little honeybee hiding in there.

Got to bring the pretty inside.

Pink delosperma/ice plant on right.
Purple setcreasea which will have little pink flowers on left.

Larkspur everywhere.

I love the colors here.
Blue bachelor button.
Orange poppies.
And a rose.

Two little honeybees.


Another honeybee.
There's an apiarist down and across the canal from me.
Last time I went to buy wildflower honey from him,
I recognized the bees at his place.
They've all been dining at my place.
He owes me $$$$$.

Love the red poppies.

That rose is as close to perfect as it gets.

Tiffany rose with allysum in background.

Bright green on left is Jewels of Opar,
Talinum paniculatum.
It will have tiny pink flowers and red berries.
Bright green in middle is Creeping Jenny.
Varieated Tropicanna lily on right.
Pink behind it is shamrock/oxalis.

Delicate little treasures.

Bearded iris.

Another columbine.

Columbine bud.

And this is what the bud looks like when it opens.

Euonymus blooming and it smells divine.

Poppies, all volunteers.

Pink ice plant/delosperma in foreground.
Little purple setcreasea behind it 
which will spread out like a Wandering Jew
(It is a type of Wandering Jew.)
and have little pink flowers on it.
Purple, white, and pink larkspur volunteers behind it.

The pinks are rare in the yard.
I'm saving their seeds.

Yellow poppies, cilantro blooming, and Jacob's coat rose.
 Red hot pokers are poking.
Come back soon!

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