Sunday, February 19, 2017

Breakfast At The Hawthornes.

I love a leisurely breakfast
and I just took my time fixing this one.
It was worth it.

What's for breakfast?
Creamy, curdled eggs.
Not scrambled.
Toasted homemade ciabatta slices.
Sautéed mushrooms with truffle butter.

For the mushrooms,
I melted unsalted butter in my skillet over medium high heat.
Threw in mushroom slices and tossed in the pan until lightly browned.
Added in a nubbin of truffle butter
and a poof of chopped fresh parsley from the yard.
I've been waiting to use that word, "nubbin."
It's a fun word.

I browned the shrooms,
threw on some Kosher salt and some more parsley.
Set 'em aside.

For the egg curdle,
I started out with one whole egg,
whisked with a tablespoon of heavy cream,
a pinch of kosher salt and a few grinds of pepper.
Threw in a tablespoon of Plugra unsalted butter 
in a warm pan over low heat, melted it, and added the egg.
Whisked constantly.
When the egg started to almost cook,
sorta like a wisp of steam goes up...
... I added in a little yolk or two I had leftover in the fridge.
Whisked some more over low heat.
Added in a pat of Plugra.
A splash of cream.
If you have some paper-thin slices of Gruyère
you'd like to toss in, go right ahead.
Whisk away.
Don't scramble.
Immediately remove from heat and pour onto plate.
If you did the eggs right, they pour out of the pan.

Top with more chopped parsley.
Enjoy ... immensely!

This is a delightful breakfast.

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