Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sunday Lunch. In Which Rosie Makes A Pizza.

It's a Lazy Sunday afternoon.
There's a ball of Mr. Hawthorne's pizza dough in the fridge.
I'm pinchin' off a piece of dough and making myself a late lunch.
 Here's my little dough ball.

 I started working the dough.

 Stop pressing out and let the dough relax and breathe.

 Let's give it some oregano lovin'.

 Breathe and stretch out.
Kinda like Yoga.  If I did Yoga.  Which I don't.

 Go outside and pick some kale.

 Kale and parsley.

Rosie has her mise en place.
Top right:  Pizza dough with air bubbles.
Bottom right:  Assorted toppings:  minced fennel heart (YES!), chopped onions, sliced multi-colored peppers, sautéed sliced mushrooms
Left:  Chopped parsley and slivered kale from the garden

Pizza fixin's in the foreground.
Mr. Hawthorne is in the background with his assigned reading material:  Dominique Ansel's Kouign Amann recipe.  That's my next project.  And I've been saving that for, I think, about a year.  At any rate, I've saved up a gazillion small cans (from crushed pineapple that goes into the birthday cakes I make for special people) to make the kouign amanns in.  Please rest assured.  Rosie is ON it!

This is the way Rosie cooks.
She doesn't follow a "recipe."
She just does.

Rosie looked into her fridge and came out with mushrooms, multi-colored peppers, fennel.
I had onion in the bin.

Rosie checked out her cheeses and brought out these two.

Oh, what a friend we have in cheeses!

I love the black negative space of the triangle.
Which has become positive.

Keep working the dough.
Press it out.
Leave it alone.
Let it relax and breathe.
Drizzle some OO on it.

Spread out Mr. Hawthorne's pizza sauce.

Layer of sauce.
Then the grated cheeses.
Mozzarella going on here.

After the sauce and the cheese, I added the onions, peppers, mushrooms, kale, and fennel.

Then some more grated mozzarella with grated Parm/Regg and the truffle cheese.

That's some purty pizza!
This went into a 500 degree oven.
About seven minutes on the pizza pan.
Then I slid it off onto the heated pizza stone.
Five more minutes.

And it's beautemous!

Brown bottom pizza!

Rosie and Mr. Hawthorne can make pizza.

 Same pizza.  Different light.

Good pizza!

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