Wednesday, April 19, 2017

More Of Rosie's April Garden.

 Welcome to Rosie's April Garden.
This is the second week in April.
Spring's been a long time comin',
but I think it's finally here.

 Here's some kind of double jonquil.
Pretty little thing.
 Larkspurs blooming.

 More larkspur.

 My larkspurs come in all different flavors.
The blues, purples, and lilacs are the most prevalent.
Then the whites and tinged ones.
The pinks are rare in my garden so I save the seeds.
Last fall,
I sowed a handful of the pink larkspur seeds
in the backyard
 where my pink primrose come up every year.
Hope to have pink on pink back there.

 Oxalis on right.
Parsley on left.
 It's a shamrock.

 This little pretty is creeping phlox.
Wish it would creep more.
Like Jenny.

 I'm letting my greens - mustard and collards and kale -
go to flower and seed.
And anchor and grow wherever they may.
I spend a few hours every day weeding
and taking care of business out here.
Whenever I can create yardart, I do.
Rosie amuses herself.

 Canna lilies coming up with California poppy.

 Shamrocks and Creeping Jenny.

 Iris with California poppies in the back.



This is ajuga reptans "pink lightning."

 It's a tiny thing.
Maybe three inches tall.
And it has a big pink clustered bloom on top.

 This little pink flower keeps coming up in this bed.
I think it was in a packet of wildflower seeds.
It's silene dioica/red campion/catchfly.

 Love my leopard plant.
It makes babies all over the place.

 I love this pink shamrock flower.

 These are my first two roses.

Come back soon.
Will have more blooming.

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