Saturday, April 1, 2017

Rosie Prepares Oysters Rosiefeller.

Rosie just found this hidden draft of a post.
 Enjoy while you can still get oysters!

You know how the Hawthornes love their oysters. 
 We had to get more.
And Rosie scored some most excellent oysters.

Just to let you know what the Hawthornes have to go through (le sigh!) to procure their oysters, here's a pictorial idea of their travails.  We went on an Adventure.  A Wanchese Adventure.

 I love COLORS!


 Love the blue and white.

    Gosh! Golly!  What the Hawthornes must endure..
 We had to eat at O'Neal's.
Fried oysters.  These were perfect fried oysters.  Perfect!

 And fried onion rings.  And French fries.

 We were #31.
I love places like O'Neal's.
Nothin' fancy.  Just good food.  Real good food.

 Now, let's get on to Rosie's Oysters.

I'll be making an herbal/tarragon/celery topping for my oysters, sprinkle on panko breadcrumbs, then pour some anise-scented melted butter over my little pretties.  The oysters will take a quick trip under the broiler,  then I'm going to accent the oysters with a Hollandaise sauce spiked with tomato paste, or Sauce Choron.

I went out in the yard and picked some parsley, onion chives, and barely there tarragon which had somehow made it through a few frozen nights down here.

I sliced up some fennel heart and celery.
Minced the herbs.
Chopped up the celery and fennel.
A little lemon-infused olive oil went into the herb/celery/fennel mixture.
Then process.

And I ended up with this pretty green, herbalicious goodness.

Next, I melted some unsalted butter with star anise over low low heat just long enough to infuse the anise flavor in the butter.  Set aside.
While the butter was melting, I started on my Hollandaise sauce.
Vigorously whisk two yolks over low heat.
When the first wisps of steam come up...
...start whisking in a pat of cold butter at a time until incorporated.
I used about 3/4 stick of unsalted butter for this.

Next, I whisked in a tablespoon of tomato paste.
Whisk until smooth.

Top oysters with greenery.

Sprinkle on panko breadcrumbs.

And drizzle the anise-scented butter over top.
Place under the broiler for about 7 minutes, until lightly browned.

Accent with Choron Sauce.

This was delightful.
Even though my Hollandaise turned into more of a mayonnaise after the addition of the tomato paste.
Need to keep the Choron Sauce more saucy than mayonnaisey.

I loved the flavors.


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