Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Please Join Rosie In Her April Garden.

Welcome to Rosie's Garden.
Yellow and orange California poppies.
Purple irises.

More irises.

Yellow iris.

Bearded iris.

Red Flanders poppy.
Papaver rhoeas.

 I love spring.
So much going on in the garden.
New tulips up here.

This is Lunaria.
Money plant.
Honesty plant. 
Silver dollar plant, so named for the seed pods.

Oxalis (shamrock), parsley, and money plant.

Love the colors.
Orange poppies.
Purple irises. 

 I love my red poppies.

Split trunk of the Leyland Cypress in my front yard.
Lost it during Hurricane Matthew last fall. 


 Irises and poppies. 

 And then I found this pretty little columbine.

Bachelor button.
Centaurea cyanus.
Blue cornflower.
And then, the Hawthornes left home for a quick road trip.
This was the scene at Jockey's Ridge State Park.

Shot on the fly.

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