Thursday, March 20, 2014

Scenes Along Highway 17 In South Carolina.

 The Hawthornes left Charleston  and headed down Highway 17 to St. Augustine.  Along the way,  we found the Carolina Cider Company in Yemassee, SC.   Yemasse is a small Lowcountry town located outside of Beaufort, SC, halfway between Charleston and Savannah.

By the way, there's a Beaufort in both South Carolina and North Carolina.  Beaufort, SC, is pronounced Bew-fert and Beaufort, NC, is pronounced Bow-fert.
Just so you know.

I liked the planters ...

... and the old gas pump.

 Anyhoos, Mr. Hawthorne picked up several bottles of their ciders - strawberry, peach, cherry, and blueberry, and a bag of benne wafers, which we knocked out in no time.  Benne wafers are unique to the Lowcountry since Colonial times.  Benne, the Bantu name for sesame, was brought from East Africa (Madagascar), through West Africa, to America in the 17th century by African slaves.  Benne was planted extensively throughout the South.

These are delicious, light, crisp, nutty little treats.
I think I'll have to add them to my Christmas baskets now.

When we get home, I'll make a batch of these
and give you the recipe.

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