Tuesday, May 13, 2014

More Of Rosie's Garden.

 Welcome again to Rosie's Garden.
Please take a stroll through and stop to smell the roses.

I hope you're not getting tired of my flower pictures,
but new things are blooming everyday and I just love my Garden.


 Larkspur is everywhere.  
It self-seeds.

 I forgot where I put my forget-me-nots until they bloomed.

 Convolvulus and bachelors button.

 Foxglove or digitalis.
And that red spot at the top is a poppy.

This poppy.

 More columbine.

 Pink rose with poppies.

 More poppies.

 Shamrock/oxalis and begonia.

 Shamrocks and forget-me-nots.

 More columbine.

 Wild orchids.


 And more poppies.


 Ice plant in front.
Blanket flower or gaillardia in back.

 I stuck my hand in there so you can see how big the rose is.

 Mama Duck and babies.

 Beautiful blueberries and cream hydrangea.
From Daughter Hawthorne for Mother's Day.
 And strawberries and cream.

 I love this rose - Tiffany.

Enjoy your day!

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