Friday, May 22, 2015

Welcome To Rosie's Garden.

After my last "hateful" post, I want to celebrate.

Please join Rosie for a walk through her garden.
A place of beauty.
Quiet reflection.

I want to give you some pretty pictures to take you through the weekend.
I love my flowers and I hope you enjoy them.
 I looked across the canal.  An osprey is staring me down.

 My beloved hummers visit Rosie.

 Here's a Tropicanna lily.  Front center
Yellow Creeping Jenny down under.
And then oyster shells at bottom left.
Newly planted althea top middle.

Althea LATER!
Rosie cracks her own shit up!

In back on left and right sides, purple setcreasia.
It has delicate pink flowers.
A Wandering Jew that wanders back every spring.


 Red poppies.
White larkspur.
Blue bachelor buttons.
 Purple larkspur.
And shells.

Red poppies.
Blue Bachelor buttons.

 Purple larkspur.

 Red hot pokers Middle Hawthorne dug up from his place and brought to his MAMA!
 Love these so much,

 Let's go to the succulent area.
 Cactus and sedums.
Feel free to tell me the names.

 White and purple larkspurs and blue bachelor buttons.

And now... MY ROSES...  ENJOY!

 Purple larkspur and yellow poppies.

 Some type of oxalis.

I would say "pink oxalis."

Ice plant/Delosperma.

Vibrant colors here.  But the blue setcreasia is false.  That's purple.  Turned out blue in this photo.
Tiffany rose.

Tropicana rose.

 The elusive pink larkspur.
I have plenty whites, blues, purples, and lilacs, but not many pinks.
One of my favorite rose bushes.

 Surprise present from Daughter Hawthorne:
Beautiful sea glass finds and shells and she made it for me!
Colors are exquisite:
Pale green, dusky pink lilac (It changes colors.), Carolina blue sky, and emerald green.
I love you, Little DawHaw!
Thank you!.

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