Sunday, November 18, 2018

It's Oyster Season!


Oyster season in North Carolina opened this week
so the Hawthornes were johnny-on-the-spot to get their first bushel.

And here's what I did today:
Oysters Two Ways.

 Oysters #1 
(dark one in the front)
1 part paprika
1 part sugar
3 parts grated Parmesan cheese

For six oysters,
I used about a teaspoon each paprika and sugar
and a tablespoon or more of Parm.
Mixed it up real good,
then topped each shucked oyster with the mixture.
Pour a little melted butter over each oyster
and run 'em under the broiler for about 5 minutes.

 Oyster #2
 I roasted a red bell pepper over an open flame until blackened all over.  While still smoking, I plunged the pepper into ice water.  Then I rubbed off the char with my fingers and minced the pepper.  I'm only using about 1-2 TB of the pepper for my oyster topping.  The rest of the pepper I used in my pimiento cheese.  Don't bother buying those little expensive (!) jars of pimientos.  Simply roast your own red peppers, chop 'em up, and mix with a little mayonnaise and grated cheddar cheese.  Green olives too, if you're feeling adventurous.  Now, back to the oysters.

for 10-12 oysters
1-2 TB minced roasted red bell pepper
2 TB softened butter
1 tsp brown sugar
Mush together the pepper, butter, and sugar.
Top oysters with the mixture,
then sprinkle over top a mixture of equal parts:
chopped parsley
panko breadcrumbs
grated Monterey Jack cheese 

Run under a 450° broiler about 8 minutes.

And stay tuned for more oyster goodness.

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