Sunday, November 25, 2018

Mo' Oysters!

 You know the Hawthornes love their oysters.
 Oyster season opened last week
 and we bought our first bushel.
And we're already halfway through.
It's a tough job,
but somebody has to do it.

 Today, I'm topping my oysters
and running them under the broiler,
just until the juices bubble
 and the cracker crumbs lightly brown.

Today's Oyster Toppings
(Enough for about 18 oysters) 

Note that I use whatever happens
to be in my fridge at the time.
Today, I'm going with spinach.

chunk o' unsalted butter
a heaping yepsen of spinach, chopped
handful of chopped red onion
handful of chopped yellow bell pepper
a little cream
pinch kosher salt
crumbling of bacon
crushed saltines and oyster crackers
grated Parmesan cheese

Take about a tablespoon or so of butter
and let it melt until sizzling in a medium sauce pan
over medium heat.
Throw in the yepsen of spinach.
"What is a yepsen,"  you ask?
A yepsen is a unit of measurement,
equivalent to two open handfuls.
So maybe two cups of spinach for me.
Let the spinach wilt down,
then add in the onion and pepper.
I like using red, orange, and/or yellow peppers for the color.
Pour in a little cream and stir to mix everything together.
Season with a pinch or so of kosher salt.
Remove from heat.

Spoon a little of the spinach mixture onto each oyster.
I had bacon leftover from breakfast,
so I crumbled that over top.
Coarsely crush some crackers
(I used saltines and oyster crackers)
and then grate some Parm over the oysters.
You can use whatever crackers you have -
Ritz or club would be fine.
Or panko breadcrumbs.

Run under a 450° broiler
about 8 minutes.

 Slurp away.


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