Saturday, November 6, 2010

Past And Upcoming Stops.

Dear Readers, I apologize for being so behind in my posting (almost a month), but like I've said, blogging is a lot of hard work. My excuses: I'm subject to the vagaries of the various internet connections in whatever shithole I may be staying. Uploading times for my pictures vary greatly. We are also driving at least 4 hours a day, every day, getting to our destination, sightseeing and shooting pictures, trying to find suitable sustenance, and then we fall into our home for the night, unload all our stuff, and I start uploading and writing. I try to do at least one post a day. Sometimes I do two. Rarely. It ain't easy. And then the next day, it starts all over again. Don't get me wrong. I'm having a wonderful time. But you think about being on the road upwards of 60 days. It begins to take a toll on one. I just can't keep up with myself. And for that, I do apologize. FYI, tonight we are in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Since my last post, when we were in Seattle, almost a month ago, we've stayed overnight in the following cities: Hoquiam, Washington Lincoln City, Oregon Gold Beach, Oregon Fort Bragg, California Fairfield, California Lee Vining, California Fresno, California Bakersfield, California Las Vegas, Nevada Kanab, Utah Grand Canyon, Arizona Kingman, Arizona Flagstaff, Arizona Winslow, Arizona Chinle, Arizona Blanding, Utah Durango, Colorado Santa Fe, New Mexico Roswell, New Mexico (Shut up.) Pecos, Texas San Antonio, Texas Galveston, Texas Baton Rouge, Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana And Vicksburg, Mississippi tonight. This list doesn't mention the inbetween places we've gone through on the road and where we've stopped to venture out. For those of you following our journey, I'll let you in on our future stops. Like I've said, we don't really plan ahead. Only vaguely. I read my AAA TourBooks en route and check out the maps and if there's something that strikes my fancy, then by golly we'll just go there. Here are our future destinations and routes: Tuskegee, Alabama Savannah, Georgia Blue Ridge Parkway from Georgia to North Carolina Maybe Cherokee, North Carolina again to check out that pawn shop where Mr. Hawthorne should've bought what he wanted when we went there in September like I told him to instead of pining for 2 damn months about it. And then eastward across North Carolina to the Outer Banks. And Home. Sweet Home. And my Babies. The following is a draft I've had waiting since August 25 and never posted. I knew I was leaving on this trip. And I knew I'd hate leaving my babies. I knew I'd be missing my babies like crazy. I've saved it until now to post. Because it's time.
Junior loves this pink thing.
I forget what it used to be ...
... but its tail is on the path behind the pool and the junipers.
Junior is such a sweet puppy. He has fun. All day long.
Dixie is enjoying her golden years. She looks forward each morning to our run/walks with Junior (and with Giada when she's home from school) and she spends every afternoon jumping and swimming in the pool. She has a very good life.
Junior's a pistol. I love my Babies. End of pics from August 25 draft. If you're on our homeward path or anywhere near it and want to invite us for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, then by all means, email me at I'll be on your doorstep. Like Pauler Deen on buttah. Like Rachael Ray on EVOO. Like Sandra Lee on vodka. Like Ina Garten on the good vanilla. Like Booby Flay on chipotle peppers. Like the Neeleys on each other. I'll be there. [ Call me.

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