Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rosie Cooks One For The Road For Her Hawthornelets.


 My little Hawboys are heading
 back to school and other activities today
and mentioned they missed eating the chicken tacos
at Mama Kwan's while they were home this time.

Here's Mama Kwan's Lunch Menu.
Jerk Chicken Soft Tacos
Grilled chicken breast seasoned with Jamaican Jerk
Spice. Served with cheddar/jack cheese, tomatoes,
lettuce, onions, jasmine rice, salsa, sour cream and
flour tortillas. 9.25

I can do that.

 I chopped 3 Roma tomatoes
and assorted peppers from the garden -
a green bell, a yellow banana, and red jalapeno.
Add chopped red onion, 
a teaspoon or so of sugar,

 2 teaspoons rice vinegar,
some freshly ground salt and pepper,
and don't forget the cilantro.

 I had one frozen boneless chicken breast
I partially thawed it,
then sliced it.

  I seasoned the chicken with salt and pepper
(Don't really care for jerk flavoring.)
and sprinkled some Tamari sauce 
and a few drops of sesame oil over top.
Be stingy with sesame oil.
It can easily overpower.

 I'm also going with toasted sesame seeds.

 I have accoutrements ready:
Salsa Jack, Cheddar, and Mozzarella cheeses

 I heated my skillet over high heat
and added peanut oil and butter.
Heat and add chicken pieces.

 Quickly sear on each side.

 And build your taco.

I have a soft tortilla,
jasmine rice,
seared chicken,
toasted sesame seeds,
 sour cream,
and cilantro.

And that, my friends, is some good eats.

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