Thursday, November 15, 2012

October 14, 2012. The Hawthornes Are At Jalapeno Fresh Grill In Marion, NC.

 The Hawthornes were traveling October 5 through 17.
Today's post is from our trip.
We're almost home.  We've traveled down the coast from Kill Devil Hills to Bath, to New Bern, Wilmington, Charleston, Savannah, Stone Mountain, Cherokee, and now we're in Marion.

Anytime the Hawthornes are in western North Carolina,
we go to Jalapeno Fresh Grill in Marion.
It is only the best Mexican I have ever had.

Now, generally, I hate a buffet.
But this was a Sunday.
They had a buffet.
I didn't have to choose from the extensive menu
and actually make decisions.
 I could pick and choose.
It was a lot of food.
Too bad I couldn't cut serving portions into bites.

I would've loved the tortilla bowls,
but they'd already brought us excellent chips
and salsa.
I passed here.

I'll just shut up and let you look.
Enjoy no flash pics.

I don't know what all I'm eating.
I wanted a little bit of everything from the buffet,
but there was no way I could eat all that.
I had an enchilada, black beans, rice,
shrimp, jalapenos, some salad.
It was all good.
I only wish I could eat more.

I so wanted that custard for dessert.

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