Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Rosie Fixes Dinner For Middle Hawthorne.

 Waiting for weather.

 The skies are lovely tonight.
 It's been in the 60s today.
They're calling for rain, then, overnight,
 up to an inch of snow,
dropping temperatures in the teens,
wind gusts to 40 mph.

 Please, my cold-clime friends,
do not mock me.

 Middle Hawthorne wants some eats.
 I offered to do a pork and broccoli and carrot 
and onion and mushroom and celery and garlic
and ginger stir fry for Middle Hawthorne,
but when he hesitated,
I asked him if he wanted a sliced pork burrito with cabbage.
It's a go.
I chopped up some Savoy cabbage.

I sliced/shaved my frozen pork loin
and seasoned it with fajita and taco seasonings and oregano.

I heated a little peanut oil and unsalted butter 
over medium high heat and added the seasoned pork.
Stir fry about a minute and then add in ...

... chopped onions and cabbage.
Cook another 2-3 minutes.

Add in a few ladles of yakitori sauce.
Heat through.

Spoon into burrito.
Roll up.
Grate some Pepper Jack cheese over top
and add itty bitty slices of red and green cayenne peppers 
from your garden.
Give it a quick trip under the broiler.

Crumble some Queso Fresco over top.

Give it some salsa lovin'.
Peeled, seeded, and juiced Roma tomatoes
with chopped white onions, some cilantro from the garden,
red wine vinegar from a chemistry professor at Averett University,
rice vinegar, sugar, my homemade sea salt, and some cracked pepper.

I've turned my deck light on.
I've turned my comfy chair to look outside.
I'm waiting for SNOW!

Middle Hawthorne ate two of these.

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