Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What Has Rosie Been Up To?

 Welcome to a day in the life of Rosie.

 Mr. Hawthorne and I had oysters for lunch.
 Three ways.
This is Oysters Rancheros.

 This is Oysters Hawthorne.

 This is Oysters Lucky 12.

The Hawthornes love their oysters.

 This is my January garden.
I have turnip greens, collards, Swiss chard,
beets, ruby red chard, romaine, kale,
and a smudge on the lens.


Swiss chard for lunch.
With roasted butternut squash cubes.
Black pearl!

More oysters.

KDH is the warmest place on the coast!

Cold front coming.

Sweet tater from the garden.

 The Hawthornes have company for dinner.
 Pho with accoutrements.
 Fried green beans and onion rings.
Dip is mayo, ketchup, mustard, cayenne.
 Bowl of pho.
 Somebody got a Christmas basket of goodies.
As usual, Glowria is glowing.

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