Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Grease.

 Hello, Readers.
In case you missed it,
Rosie got in a snit the other day
and posted about her cable service.
I believe the title of this particular post was,
Charter Communications, You Suck!
Click on the link to see examples of what's been going on here.

Anyhoos, to make a short story long,
Rosie bitched on her blog about a sitchayshun
which has been going on for a loooooooong time.
I'm thinking at least six months,
but I'm old, so it's probably much longer.

If you click on the above link
and check out the videos,
you'll see what my reception has been on certain channels. 
Particularly, the FOOD NETWORK.

Personally, we know of 4 prior service appointments
referring to this problem.
But because I'm old,
I've forgotten about all the others.

Charter should have that information. 

Oh, but I digest.

Within 24 hours after I posted about my problems with Charter,
I received an email from Corey Breto, a local Charter supervisor.
offering to assist me.

I thank you, Mr. Breto.

I responded to him and received another message that
a technician would be hear within a 30-minute window.
Never had that before.
(Usually the windows are like 9-12 or 1-5.)
This one was 2:30-3:00
They arrived at 3.

Two technicians!
With a cherry picker!

 This is all going down Wednesday afternoon.

 Problem not solved.
They'll be back.

 Good Neighbor Zippy is over for his afternoon Mist.

 Fast forward to Thursday afternoon.
 Three vehicles today!
 Within an hour,
a fourth backup is here!


As to the reception sitchayshun,
so far, so good.

I thank you, gentlemen,
for finely and finally fixing my cable service.
(They ran a new cable in.)

The funny part about all of this 
is that, personally, 
the ol' man and I can't get shit done.

But that fierce bitch, Rosie, can!

Thank you, Charter Communications.
Never thought I'd be typing those words.


Lori K said...

Hi to Zippy!!!
Charter loves Rosie :)

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Zippy says Hi back atcha. Charter does not love Rosie. In fact, I asked the techs who came out if their supervisor told them to go take care of the bitch with the blog.

Lori K said...

now that is funny...good job squeak!!