Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Accident On Colington Road Today.

For some reason, 
Beau didn't get enough seratonin yesterday,
so he's out in the sun earlier today than most times.
Note the shadow on his ass.
That's real early!

 I cooked breakfast for everyone -
buttered toast from homemade bread,
 bacon, lightly curdled eggs.

 Then I had a business meeting at the Blue Crab Tavern.
"Monkey Business," I tell ya!

We had just passed one of those rubber-necker moments,
so I was determined to go back and document it.

 I had Mr. Hawthorne park at the Blue Crab
while I walked back to shoot pics of the accident.

Notice the tire trails.

 Don't have details yet.

 Only the details from the Colington Barflies.
So it must be true!

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