Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Charter Sucks, Again.

I have Charter Communications for my cable, my phone, and my internet.  I don't like this state of affairs, but I deal with it.

Learned from my boys that their TV upstairs is non-operational.  No channels.  No nothing.

Called Charter.  Representative!!  Agent!!  Scream it and then punch zeros.

Finally, I get a someone who does really well with the Engrish language.
She tries to PINGPINGPING me and I still have nothing on my cable.

She tells me someone will be out between 8 and 5 on FRIDAY!


I don't think so.

I told poor Josie that was unacceptable.

I want somebody here, TOMORROW!

Come on, Charter.  DO IT!  I DARE YOU!


Anonymous said...

I simply could not stand to deal with them any more. I can totally relate to your screaming "representative" comment! I screamed much worse than that to the automated voice :-). Dropped them and went with Direct TV and could not be happier.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Anony,if you scream "REPRESENTATIVE" and "AGENT," eventually you get a human. And I always talk to the, "This conversation may be recorded."