Sunday, March 26, 2017

Rosie's March Garden. And Some Other Stuff.

Welcome, finally, to Spring.
Rosie's Garden never goes to sleep,
but it's stirring into Life again after lightly napping, with one eye open.

 I wish I knew the name of this little beauty.

 One of my favorites and one of the first to bloom - hyacinth.
The fragrance is delicious.
 My gailliardia AKA blanket flower.

 Gotta bring some of the pretty inside.
 Downstairs smells like hyacinths.

 Bachelor button AKA blue cornflower AKA Centaurea cyanus.
Although I have them in pinkus too!

I say jonquil.  Others call them daffodils.  Is this a regional thang?

 California poppy.

 This is a lovely pale yellow hyacinth.
Photograph really doesn't show the beautiful color.
 The hyacinth is coming up next to cilantro plants.

 Beautiful pink hyacinth.

 Oxalis AKA shamrock.

 Hello, little Soldier.
 I will eat you tomorrow.
Along with all your friends.
 Pretty pink tulip.

After so much Garden Fun, Junior wanted his special time with Nana.
That meant a walk around the block.
And that's an Adventure.

I like the lines here.  The black, grays, whites.
 Junior is happy.

 Pretty smile!

 Happy Junior!

That's a Happy Dog!

I like the patterns here.

 I like the patterns and lines.

 Hello, Squirrel!

 I love the bark of a crape myrtle.

 Junior likes to practice his yoga poses.
This is Strong Tail Asana.

Then Mr. Hawthorne and I went to Food Lion and I got a shot of Firemen In A Bucket!
Taken from inside the car through the window.

 'twas a good day.

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