Friday, March 17, 2017

War Of The Rosés At The Saltbox Café

Welcome to the Saltbox Café's wine/dinner series.
 March 7, 2017, it's War of the Rosés.

Menu is the creation of Chefs Amanda and Randolph Sprinkle.
Our servers tonight are Lindsey and Mike.
Jen and Steve of Empire Wine Distributing presented our wines.

And it's Chef Randolph's birthday.
Happy Birthday, Randolph!

Course One
Poached egg with brown butter hollandaise and a touch of truffle.
Paired with Cloud Chaser, France.

Course Two
Thai shrimp cake with pickled ginger vinaigrette.
Paired with Sokol Blosser Estate Cuvée, Oregon.

Lindsey, Mike, and Mason.

Chefs Amanda and Randolph.
Aren't they pretty?!

Course Three
Open faced Baha pork taco with roasted tomatillo sauce
and jicama slaw.
Paired with Sidebar, California.

Course Four
Seared salmon with crispy capers
 and smoked salmon cream sauce.
Paired with Alta Vista, Argentina.


Course Five
Confit of chicken over gnocchi and brussel sprouts.
Paired with Tentuta Guada Al Tasso, Italy.


Course Six
Pepper smoked pound cake
 with fresh strawberry jam and Chantilly cream.
Paired with De Casta Torres, Spain.

Behind the scenes:

Sometimes Amanda and Randolph 
spontaneously break into song while they're cooking.


Steve and Jen of Empire Wine.

Chefs Randolph and Amanda.
Jen and Steve of Empire Wine.

Tonight's Saltbox Crew:
Mason, Mike, Chefs Sprinkles, Jen and Steve of Empire Wine.

My favorite picture of the evening.
The Lovely Lindsey.

Happy chefs make happy food!

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