Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sunday Lunch And Dinner.

I love it when Ticky comes to visit. There's always good food involved.
This weekend was no exception. We had shrimp spring rolls for lunch.
And later, for dinner, after Ticky had left, Mr. Hawthorne fried oysters for our dinner. I freakin' love fried oysters.
Here's our mise for the spring rolls: Sliced shrimp. Boston lettuce. Sliced avocado. Julienned carrots. Julienned peppers. Julienned cucumber. Sliced scallions. Alfalfa sprouts. Cilantro.
Begin assembly.
Layer in your ingredients.
And carefully roll up.
I served these with a sweet and sour sauce - about 4 TB rice vinegar 2 TB Sourwood honey from the Blue Ridge Mountains chopped red onion sliced scallions chopped peanuts and a sprinkling of cilantro. Mr. Hawthorne complained because I didn't make my sesame dipping sauce or my ginger garlic dipping sauce. So, if you check out this post, you'll find the recipes for both the sesame and the ginger dipping sauces plus a recipe for my fish sauce.
After Ticky left, Mr. Hawthorne fixed fried oysters for our dinner. Apparently, Ticky doesn't like oysters. Imonna hafta work on that issue.
We've fried oysters and posted about it maybe a gazillion times.
Mr. Hawthorne shucks them into a bowl and leaves them in their liquor until ready to fry. First he dredges them in a mixture of seasoned flour - Old Bay and flour. Then he shakes off the excess and immediately fries. You don't want them to sit around in the flour for long. Be sure the oil is good and hot - 350-375 degrees. Fry about 1 minute and they're done. Drain on paper towels.
We make our own tartar sauce too. Mayo Minced dill pickle. Sweet pickle relish. Sprinkling of fresh dill if you have it.
And yup. In case you're counting, we're on our fourth bushel of oysters this winter.

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