Thursday, February 3, 2011

Biltmore House.

Since my foot surgery, I've been unable to be up and about in the kitchen, but I do have a few drafts I've saved since August, 2010, for "emergency" use. Regular readers will know of the Hawthornes' trips to Biltmore House in Asheville, NC. We were there in October, 2007. And in May, 2010, we went for the Festival of Flowers. See here. And here. And here's the first of my saved drafts: Photographs are not allowed inside Biltmore, but one can ask for permission to use their stock photos, which I did and received. The following photograph is of the Winter Garden.
The Winter Garden is on the main floor of Biltmore. Arranged around this light-filled garden court are the Entrance Hall, with soaring limestone arches and polished marble floor, several dining and sitting areas, a game room, and an expansive library. During the Victorian era, glass-roofed garden rooms were considered quite fashionable, providing both a place to relax and entertain and an indoor "jungle" of exotic plants. The focal point of this indoor garden setting is a marble and bronze fountain sculpture, Boy Stealing Geese, by Karl Bitter, a Viennese artist who emigrated to America in 1889.

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Ken said...

When we were there in December we went on the Candlelight Tour and they had period music and people in period costume dancing in that area--very pretty at night.