Saturday, February 12, 2011

It's A Partay At Maxine's.

The Hawthornes are on a bit of a road trip this weekend
- Mr. Hawthorne off to see his Mommie
 for her birthday
 and I to Maxine's for wine, champagne, food,
 wine, fun, wine, friendship, wine, camaraderie,
 and did I mention wine?
Maxine had made a delicious lasagna, focaccia,
and balsamic vinegar/olive oil dressing on mixed salad greens.
After dinner, Brother Hawthorne, Sister In Law Hawthorne,
Sister Hawthorne, and Brother In Law Hawthorne stopped by to visit.
I know Brother Hawthorne loves to see pictures of himself
on my blog, so I'm going right there.
At the end of the table are Brother In Law Hawthorne,
 Brother Hawthorne, and Sister In Law Hawthorne.
That's Giuseppe Capricornicus and his lovely wife Giovanna.
 They were here last year for my surprise birthday party.
  I cropped and tweaked the pic.
 You both look so happy and pretty!
 Kids? This would be great for your Christmas Card next year.
 Oh, Giuseppe?
When I say Capricornicus, you know what I mean.
There are Sister In Law Hawthorne,
Sister Hawthorne, Applaudonia, and Maxine.

It certainly looks like we were having fun.
Brother In Law Hawthorne,
 Brother Hawthorne, and Sister In Law Hawthorne.
I love the three-dimensional art work
 of Eisenstaedt's famous photograph
on Maxine's wall behind Applaudonia.
 I particularly like this photo of Appl.
Thank you, Maxine, for a lovely evening.
 We do have fun.
 Don't we?


Lane said...

wow that looks fun!!!!!!!!! Aunt Lane! wine!!!! BTW, sam rosenthal wanted to share with you his blog, where he has stuff about his time in europe (he's teaching english in spain right now). Its

Marion said...

Beautiful dining room. Looks like Maxine's house is every bit as lovely as her garden.