Monday, May 7, 2012

April 29, 2012. The Hawthornes Order In. Rexburg, Idaho.

The Hawthornes are in Rexburg, Idaho.
We did a quick trip of the town,
visiting the Morman Temple
so I could shoot pictures,
then we hied our asses back to our hotel
to crash for the night.
We hadn't eaten since breakfast
and were too tired to go out to eat.

I suggested we order in.

I ordered a pizza from Dominoes.
Mr. Hawthorne, on his diet,
ordered a salad and chicken.

A Little Penguin Cabernet Sauvignon
in plastic cups topped off the meal.

Here's Mr. H.'s salad.
I got the perk of his cheese,
due to his diet.

I also got all his croutons.

I don't think Mr. H. asked for the red pepper and Parm,
but golly gee, I got it.
Points for Dominoes in Rexburg, Idaho.

So true.

I'm eating this entire pizza.

Later on,
we switched to Black Swan Merlot.

Mr. Hawthorne got the chicken wings
and he pulled the skin off.

I love pizza.

Just writing about this pizza I had a week ago
makes me want more pizza.
Right now.

Someone, restrain me, please.

I can't wait to get home
and make our own pizza.

I love making the dough.
It's a labor of love.

I love picking out the toppings.
Mushrooms, sauteed to get the moisture out.
Pepperoni - nuked on paper towels to get rid of the red grease.
Red, orange, yellow, green pepper slices.
My tomato sauce,
made with love.
My herbs, just picked from the garden.
Bay leaves.

Oh my!

I want to be in my own kitchen
and make a pizza.
Our pizzas are legendary.

I remember years ago,
an old friend called me and announced
she was on the Outer Banks with friends
and wanted to come eat with us.

Please come!
What would you like?
I'll fix oysters, shrimp, fish, crabs...
Anything for you.
Just name it.

My friend remembered the days years ago 
in Danville, Virginia,
where we used to live.
We'd all get together and
I'd fix pizza for everyone.
And she ordered our pizza.
That's what she wanted.

The Hawthornes were more than happy to oblige.

Pizza transcends.
Pizza overcomes.
Pizza is Love.


tortietat said...

Rosie, I'm enjoying the travelogue! Let me know if you are coming through this neck of the woods on your way back east, and I'll set you up with passes to Old Salem....lots of photo ops in the historic district.

Am praying that with Mr. Hawthorne's immense dedication to his diet, he won't end up wasting away to nothing!

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Hey Tortietat! Glad you're enjoying our trip. I still want to travel to Old Salem and am sorry it didn't work out last time Mr. H. and I blew through.

Perhaps, XKT and I will visit you in Old Salem sometime. She's from Bethlehem, PA., so you two have the Moravian connection.

And don't worry about Mr. H. He's still clinging to his high protein diet, but not wasting away yet.

Lea said...

I was wondering if you were missing your kitchen. I like to eat out and travel, but I have LIMITS.

Marilyn said...

Rosie scores pizza!

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Lea, I miss my kitchen terribly.

Mar, Yay, pizza!